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Call & Gentry to serve as judges in the Constitution Project

Jason Call and Chip Gentry are excited to serve as judges at this year’s Constitution Project.”  High school students from around Missouri will finish up their competition in Judge Beetem’s court room in Cole County on November 12, 2013, beginning at 11am.  The project is designed to promote learning about the judicial system, Constitution, and general knowledge of …

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Uninsured Injured Drivers are Barred from Collecting All Damages

A new law goes into effect in October, 2013, that will not allow motorists who are hurt in a car wreck to recover anything more than their medical bills and lost wages.  The law is codified in Section 303.390 of the Missouri Revised Statutes. Under this new law, the government has dictated that if you are not covered by automobile insurance, …

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How to Succeed in Private Practice – Tip #2

Want some tips on how to succeed in private practice? See our second blog post on the University of Missour School of Law blog.  We are honored to be guest bloggers on Mizzou’s site dealing with “Professionalism” and “Practitioner’s Corner.”  Please give us a ring if you would like to talk about any of the topics covered.  Check …

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How to Succeed in Private Practice

Want some tips on how to succeed in private practice? See our blog post on the University of Missouri School of Law blog dealing with “Professionalism” and “Practitioner’s Corner”.  As always, we welcome all feedback and are happy to talk with anyone about our philosophy of private practice! Call Today! (573) 644-6090

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Voted Jefferson City’s Best Lawyer

I am honored to be voted Jefferson City’s Best Lawyer in Jefferson City Magazine!  Without a doubt, I could not represent our firm’s clients at a high level without the committment, dedication, loyalty, and relentless drive of the team at Call & Gentry Law Group.  Thank you to my team!  Thank you to all that voted!  I know like …

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We are very pleased to announce the launching of our website!!

A COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE: We are excited to announce the launching of our website,! Nearly 13 years ago to the day, Jason and Chip met for the first time. A friendship was instantly forged. As the years clicked by, mutual respect, trust, the desire to work as a team, and a true competitive spirit …

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