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Our Case Results

Personal Injury Case Results

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Semi-Truck Crash; Brain Injury



Wage and Hour



Broken Back



Hot tub drowning; Failure to monitor safety and security cameras

Jones, et. al v. All Ready Rentals, LLC


School and Work Place Bullying



Sexual Assault



Trip and Fall; Impalement

Eaton, et. al v. Scott, et. al


Dangerous Condition of Property

Herzberg v. Dahl, et. al


Car Accident

Shelton v. Fray

*Call & Gentry Law Group has a robust background of outstanding case results, many of which are confidential. From Nursing Home Negligence, Car Accident, Brain Injury, and more, we’ve got the experience you deserve to receive maximum compensation.

Family Law Case Results

Won sole physical custody for Mother protecting child from verbally abusive Father.

Obtained relocation of minor child for parent with lucrative job opportunity.

Discovered husband’s hidden bank account.

Won judgment of step parent adoption in contested case against absentee mother.

Defended against claim for third party custody over client’s special needs child.

Obtained substantial monthly alimony payments for wife from narcissistic ex-husband.


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