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Proposed Bill Would Fight Distracted Driving

According to KRCG TV, Missouri is considering a new bill that limits using a hand-held cell phone while driving. This law would bring Missouri in line with most other states and is the strongest bid yet to reduce distracted driving accidents. Currently, Missouri and Montana are the only states without a texting ban. What the …

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Can You Receive Compensation for a Hit and Run?

Missouri law requires that any motorist involved in a car accident stop immediately and swap information with others involved. Sadly, many motorists are either too distracted or too afraid to stop. They instead flee the scene, leaving injured victims behind with no visible means of getting help. In the typical car accident case, a victim …

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So You’ve Been Injured in a Car Wreck, Now What?

According to information compiled by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, on average more than 50,000 people are injured or killed on Missouri roadways every year. In fact, someone is injured in a car crash in Missouri every 10.3 minutes. (MSHP Missouri Traffic Safety Compendium, 2011). The odds are that you or someone you care about …