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How Does Tort Reform Affect Your Small Business in Missouri

As Governor Greitens and the Missouri legislature continue to describe Missouri as a “judicial hellhole,” trial attorneys as “greedy,” and all civil lawsuits for injuries as “frivolous,” this is a good time to examine how tort reform will affect your small business. Firstly, what is tort reform? Tort reform is a phrase used by politicians …

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Taking Responsibility

In this day and age, we hear a lot about personal responsibility. Pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps is considered a virtue in today’s society. But when it comes to people or businesses who have committed a wrong against another, everything is thrown out the window, including: Thoughts of personal responsibility A personal sense of …

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The Hypocrisy of Insurance Companies

Insurance companies don’t like us. We have heard from defense counsel from time to time that the insurance company that hired them to defend the case doesn’t like us. What’s interesting, is we are nice people, incredibly involved in Jefferson City, volunteer our time, are active with our kids, and enjoy a large group of …

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Mentioning Insurance at Trial

If you have ever been a juror in a civil case where an insurance company was not a party to the suit, you probably didn’t hear a peep about insurance or whether or not the defendant would be saddled personally with the judgment. There is a simple reason for that:  Missouri courts do not allow …

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