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Monthly Archives: December 2022

Injured while Visiting Jefferson City? Hire a Local Lawyer!

Each year, thousands of people come to Jefferson City for business or pleasure. Some are from remote areas of Missouri, while many others arrive from out of state. During their stay, many visitors unfortunately suffer a serious personal injury in a car wreck, pedestrian collision, slip and fall, or other incident. If you were hurt, …

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How a DWI Affects a Child Custody Dispute

Child custody fights are difficult for all involved. However, to put yourself in the best position of winning, you should discuss anything in your history that your ex could use against you, including your criminal history. As seasoned Jefferson City family law attorneys, we have worked with many clients who have a DWI conviction on …

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Risks of DIY Employment Contracts

An employment contract is a foundational document for the employer-employee relationship. There are many advantages to using a contract. For employers, a contract will clearly spell out employee obligations and expectations. It should also protect trade secrets and proprietary information, like customer lists. Employees also benefit from employment contracts, which typically guarantee employment for a …

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Were You or a Loved One Injured by Defective Furniture?

The average home has many hazards, including chemicals and electrical wires. You might not think that your furniture is a danger. In reality, however, thousands of people end up in the emergency room each year following accidents involving dressers, bookshelves, chairs, and beds. If you were hurt by dangerous or defective furniture, contact Call & …

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