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Injured while Visiting Jefferson City? Hire a Local Lawyer!

Each year, thousands of people come to Jefferson City for business or pleasure. Some are from remote areas of Missouri, while many others arrive from out of state. During their stay, many visitors unfortunately suffer a serious personal injury in a car wreck, pedestrian collision, slip and fall, or other incident.

If you were hurt, we highly recommend that you hire a local attorney instead of waiting to find someone back home. There are many advantages to hiring local counsel, which we highlight below. Contact Call & Gentry Law Group, LLC to learn more.

Your Trial Will Probably Be Here

If you sue for an accident, you can typically file your lawsuit in the county where the defendant lives or where the accident happened. Most will probably be filed locally, because the accident happened in Jefferson City.

Out-of-state lawyers need permission before they can represent someone in Missouri. Even a lawyer from a different Missouri city might not be comfortable navigating our local court system. Hiring a local lawyer streamlines the entire personal injury process, giving you the best chance of a favorable outcome.

We Have Easier Access to Evidence

Because the crash happened here, most evidence is probably located in the Jefferson City area. If we need to look at a vehicle or inspect property, it’s much easier to have a local lawyer head out. A lawyer from Cape Girardeau or even Kansas City will have to travel a much longer distance.

We Know Local Judges & Defense Lawyers

This type of knowledge is priceless. We know how local defense lawyers negotiate, which we can use to our advantage. Local judges have also seen us in their courtrooms many times. Consequently, we understand all the unique procedural rules that apply only in Jefferson City and how judges view a case. We can craft the presentation of evidence in such a way for maximum impact.

Local Attorneys Know the Relevant Insurance Companies

Most personal injury cases are negotiated to a settlement with the defendant’s insurer. At Call & Gentry, we have sat across the table from most of the large insurers in Missouri. We understand how they value claims and what counterarguments they respond to. An out-of-state lawyer would be unable to gain this knowledge in a short amount of time.

A Local Lawyer Can Remain in Contact with Clients

Accident victims raise one concern over and over: they are afraid a lawyer who lives hours away won’t be in contact with them. That is a legitimate concern. If you were injured while visiting Jefferson City from Michigan, it’s not convenient to stop in and chat with an attorney when you’re back home in Detroit.

Still, our lawyers use many methods of communication, including letters, emails, phone calls, and even zoom calls. And there’s no reason to assume a lawyer who lives in your city will stay in contact with you. We believe open communication is essential to the attorney-client relationship, so it is a priority—regardless of where you live.

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