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When Can a Child Refuse Visitation?

Co-parenting is difficult. In particular, living apart from your children makes your visitation all that more important. You want to see your children, but what happens if your ex calls to say your child is “refusing” to visit you? Is that even allowed in Missouri? And what can you do if you want to continue …

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How a DWI Affects a Child Custody Dispute

Child custody fights are difficult for all involved. However, to put yourself in the best position of winning, you should discuss anything in your history that your ex could use against you, including your criminal history. As seasoned Jefferson City family law attorneys, we have worked with many clients who have a DWI conviction on …

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If My Spouse Divorces Me, Will I Have the Money to Survive?

Under Missouri law, in a divorce, you might be entitled to a monthly payment from your ex-spouse known as maintenance and formally known as alimony. The trial court can award maintenance if it first determines that the individual seeking maintenance “lacks sufficient property, including marital property apportioned to him, to provide for his reasonable need” …

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Can a Non-Parent Get Custody of My Kid in Missouri?

CAN A NON-PARENT GET CUSTODY OF MY KID? People have a child or children automatically assuming that they, as parents, have the right to make decisions for the child or children so long as they are minors. This assumption has been reinforced by the United States Supreme Court which has consistently found that parents have a “fundamental” …

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