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Were You or a Loved One Injured by Defective Furniture?

The average home has many hazards, including chemicals and electrical wires. You might not think that your furniture is a danger. In reality, however, thousands of people end up in the emergency room each year following accidents involving dressers, bookshelves, chairs, and beds.

If you were hurt by dangerous or defective furniture, contact Call & Gentry Law Group, LLC. Our Jefferson City personal injury lawyer can investigate whether a defect in the furniture led to your accident and seek appropriate compensation.

Dressers & Chests of Drawers

Dressers and chests of drawers are tall and thin and thus inherently unstable. They are also heavy and can cause serious injuries to children when they tip over. Some children suffer head injuries, while others suffocate to death.

According to Consumer Reports, a tip over causes 1 injury every 17 minutes in the U.S. And dressers and chests of drawers are a leading cause. About 11% of these accidents are caused by dressers. In fact, more than 2,000 children are injured each year in tip over injuries involving clothing storage units.

Bookshelves & Home Entertainment Systems

These pieces of furniture are also at risk of tipping over. Many bookshelves come with a brace to connect to the wall, but instructions might be missing or confusing. Alternatively, the brace might be flimsy or poorly designed.

Because of their size, these units can also injure adults if they tip over. Someone could suffer a fracture or chest injury if a loaded bookcase lands on them, and some elderly could also be killed.


Highchairs make feeding a baby easier, since they elevate your child to a comfortable height. You can also easily watch your child as he pops peas into his mouth.

However, highchairs need stability. If your child falls, they can suffer serious head injuries when they hit the ground from such a height. Many highchairs are defectively designed so that even a little rocking can tip over the chair, while others will collapse because they can’t hold any weight.

If your child is hurt, keep the highchair so an attorney can inspect it. The legs might be designed too closely together, or the manufacturer could have used substandard materials.

Cribs & Beds

No one should be injured while sleeping. Sadly, hundreds of people are injured each year.

Cribs have many potential dangers. For example, if the slats are too far apart, a baby can get his head wedged in between and possibly strangle themselves. The foam cushions on other beds can disintegrate, and a child might choke when swallowing a piece.

Even adults can be hurt by a defective bed. As an example, your bed might not meet flammability standards and catches on fire. Other beds collapse due to weaknesses in the frames. An adult can become trapped between the mattress and bed rail, possibly suffocating to death (especially if they are elderly).

Legal Help is Available

When manufacturers sell defective products, they are legally liable to those injured. You might qualify for compensation to cover the cost of medical care, lost income, pain, suffering, and other losses. Contact us today to analyze whether you have a claim.