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Injured while Visiting Jefferson City? Hire a Local Lawyer!

Each year, thousands of people come to Jefferson City for business or pleasure. Some are from remote areas of Missouri, while many others arrive from out of state. During their stay, many visitors unfortunately suffer a serious personal injury in a car wreck, pedestrian collision, slip and fall, or other incident. If you were hurt, …

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Should You Include an Arbitration Clause in Your Business Contracts?

Business disputes are expensive. In addition to hiring attorneys, you might be pulled away from your business to participate in depositions or answer a lawyer’s questions. With a properly drafted contract you can avoid many disputes, but every company at one time or another finds itself in business litigation. Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution …

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Proposed Bill Would Fight Distracted Driving

According to KRCG TV, Missouri is considering a new bill that limits using a hand-held cell phone while driving. This law would bring Missouri in line with most other states and is the strongest bid yet to reduce distracted driving accidents. Currently, Missouri and Montana are the only states without a texting ban. What the …

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