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School Injuries to Children

Children spend almost half of every year in school, so it is unsurprising that many are injured there. Unfortunately, bringing a claim for a school injury is not as easy as other types of personal injury cases. Certain hurdles confront concerned parents, and the law around suing isn’t always clear. At Call & Gentry Law Group, LLC, we have helped many parents protect their children and hold schools accountable for accidents. Give our Jefferson City personal injury attorney a call if you need assistance.

Injuries at School

There are countless hazards which can injure your child at school. Some of the most significant include:

  • School bus accidents. A school bus could crash or be forced off the road. Children can also suffer injuries when they slip and fall getting on or off the bus.
  • Defects on the premises. Loose tiles, worn carpets, and accumulated snow or ice can send children flying. Other defects include exposed wires, asbestos, or food poisoning.
  • Violent teachers or students. Your child might be injured in a violent attack which could send them to the hospital. Unfortunately, supervision is often lax at schools, or a teacher might become violent and attack your child.
  • Defective playground equipment. Many playgrounds are in a state of disrepair, and your child could get hurt falling to the ground.
  • Sports injuries. Student-athletes are often hurt in contact sports or because of defects on the field of play. We also expect sports leagues to follow rules for player safety, which sometimes does not happen.
  • Field trip accidents. Students can be hurt when leaving the premises for a field trip, such as a trip to the museum or the movies.

These injuries are very expensive to treat. Your family will probably incur expensive medical bills, and you might miss work to stay home with your child. Ideally, you can defray the costs of an accident by bringing a personal injury claim on your child’s behalf.

Bringing a Lawsuit against a School District

Suing a school in Missouri is very different from suing your neighbor. The state has sovereign immunity from suit, and this immunity typically extends to all governmental entities like school districts. However, Missouri has helpfully waived its immunity in certain situations, such as an injury caused by a property defect.

Certain rules apply to these types of claims. For one, you must meet deadlines for bringing a claim. If you go over, you can lose your right to sue.

You will also need to understand the law regarding school accidents. These are often very detailed cases. School districts can and will claim that they have immunity from suit, and Missouri provides only narrow exceptions to general immunity. An experienced lawyer will analyze whether we can fit your case into an exception.

Seasoned Legal Advocates for Children

Our personal injury lawyers are standing by to review the facts of your case. Never assume you can’t hold a school accountable, no matter how high the hurdles placed in front of you. If your child was hurt on a field trip, we can also consider suing the business or property owner as well. Contact Call & Gentry today to better understand your legal options.