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How to Succeed in Private Practice – Tip #2

Rules Civil Procedure & Evidence

Want some tips on how to succeed in private practice? See our second blog post on the University of Missour School of Law blog.  We are honored to be guest bloggers on Mizzou’s site dealing with “Professionalism” and “Practitioner’s Corner.”  Please give us a ring if you would like to talk about any of the topics covered.  Check back often for fresh posts!

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  1. Chip,
    I agree becoming an expert is one of the secrets.
    Right out of law school a still-practicing 85 year old lawyer gave me this tip.
    He said go learn something really discrete through and through and write legal articles about it. In no time you’ll double your hourly rate.
    I didn’t listen to him, so I went into general practice and dabbled with a bit of everything.
    It was not until I went back to school for an MS in Information Technology I finally understood the advice. I quickly discovered knowing all the ins and outs of software licensing doubled my pay. Plus, it was nice to just focus in one area.
    I love the web site.
    You have a great firm!

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