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How to Change Your Name After Divorce in Missouri

At Call & Gentry Law Group, we believe that excellence is not just a skill but is also an attitude. Our attitude towards the client, our cases, and court representation is that of commitment towards excellence. Even in this time of COVID-19, our Jefferson City Divorce Attorney strives to ensure that at our firm, we provide the ultimate legal representation that you require to win your case.
In recent times, there has been a significant rise in the number of divorce or separation cases. As a result, we at Call & Gentry Law Group are here to offer you a helping hand and walk with you during this difficult time. Divorce can be painful, and if you don’t seek the appropriate, qualified, and experienced legal help, you may not get the best outcome. A majority of those who represent themselves end up with unfair settlements or lingering issues.

Apart from the settlements in divorce cases, the aspect of names is also a significant issue. Often, after marriage a spouse may assume a different surname.  After a divorce, a person may wish to change their surname back or take on a new surname.  It is not a simple matter and this is why we always advise that you seek the services of an experienced lawyer.
Women are mostly the ones who seek the answer to the question of how to change your name after divorce. That is because they are the ones who make changes to their maiden names. Different individuals tend to have different times of seeking a name change.  Some prefer to make the name change during the divorce proceedings while others after the divorce.

Requesting a Name Change during a Divorce

If you want to have your name changed as you proceed with the divorce trial, then it’s advisable to make the request early. You pick a Name Change Request Form from the Court Clerks and submit it together with your divorce papers, or one can just come with it during the hearing. The cost incurred while undertaking a name change is fully catered for in your divorce cost.
The advantage of this is that the Judge will include your name change as part of the divorce.

Name Change after Divorce

If you wait until the divorce case has been finalized, then you will have to go through a longer process.
The process includes:

  • Filling Out a Name Change Request Form: The form is collected at the County Clerk of Courts Office. The way should be duly filled and provide the necessary documentation.
  • File a Petition for Name Change: You will incur some cost as you file it with the Court Clerk.
  • Advertise in a local Publication: The ad placed is to announce your name change; this is to ensure that your business associates are aware of your name change.
  • Attend your Hearing: If you are summoned by the court, ensure that you attend it and have the necessary documentation and paperwork with you.
  • Judge Approval: Upon the Judge’s verification of documents, your name change will be approved. The Judge will also provide you with an official name change petition approval document.

Why go through all these troubles and never-ending court proceedings? Let us get you sorted out today. Contact an experienced divorce attorney from Call & Gentry Law Group, and your name change troubles will be a thing of the past.