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Concrete Truck and Cement Mixer Accidents

Concrete trucks, also known as cement mixers, are large commercial vehicles designed to keep concrete moving while in transport so that it does not harden or lose its consistency while on its way to the job site.

The trucks use a revolving and rotating drum to accomplish this task and accordingly routinely weigh in the neighborhood of 25,000 pounds when empty and upwards of 50,000 pounds when fully loaded. Due to their large size and heavyweight, concrete truck accidents are often severe and result in serious injuries or loss of life for the driver of the concrete truck or the persons in the vehicle or vehicles they crash into.

If you or a family member has suffered injuries from an accident with a concrete truck, call our experienced team of Jefferson City, Missouri Personal Injury Attorneys to help navigate you and your family through the complex legal process. Our team has decades of experience and relentless dedication when it comes to handling personal injury cases involving concrete truck accidents.

Common Causes of Concrete and Cement Truck Accidents

Concrete trucks are different from other cargo trucks because the cement must be transported within a time frame of a few hours to ensure the material is workable when it arrives at the job site. Accordingly, cement mixer accidents, collisions, and rollovers often occur due to the following circumstances:


Concrete truck drivers are often tempted to speed for faster delivery as they have a short period of time to deliver the load before the cement hardens. Although the concrete in the mixer is moving continually, it can be set very quickly. Truck drivers have an incentive to travel to the job site as quickly as possible, thereby increasing the chances of causing an accident or colliding with other vehicles.


A cement truck features a highly unique design, shape, and weight. The trucks are extremely heavy and the bulk of the load is concentrated in a single area of the truck. Rollover accidents are likely to occur with a concrete truck or cement mixer than with a traditional motor vehicle, car, or truck. Cement mixer and concrete truck driver training centered on the transfer and balance of weight load and preventing rollover incidents are vital to driver and motorist safety.

Driver Negligence

Operating a cement mixer safely requires a tremendous amount of skill and attention. Inattentiveness, a lack of experience, and distracted driving often contribute to a majority of concrete truck collisions and rollovers. Such negligence could include driving while intoxicated or under the influence of prescription or non-prescription drugs, drowsy driving, a failure to follow traffic rules, or preventable mechanical issues with the vehicle.

Seeking Compensation from Liable Parties

Mediator | Call & GentryLike other motor accidents, concrete truck and cement mixer accidents frequently involve multiple parties. Although the truck driver himself or herself is usually at the center of the incident, other common responsible parties include:

  • The cement/concrete company
  • The manufacturer of the cement mixer
  • Other motorists involved in the crash, collision, or accident

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