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Amazon Worker Mauled to Death by Dogs

Too many owners think their dogs are harmless, which is why they don’t restrain them by using a leash or kennel. But these animals can cause devastating injuries to innocent people. Sadly, one tragic accident happened close to Kansas City in October. According to ABC News, an Amazon worker was mauled to death in Excelsior Springs, about 30 miles northeast of Kansas City.

According to police, neighbors in the Wood Heights area called the authorities to report a delivery truck which had been parked in front of a house for hours. The driver was nowhere in sight. When authorities arrived to investigate, they found the driver’s body in the yard with two dogs. Based on their investigation, they concluded that dog bites contributed to the man’s death. An officer then shot and killed both dogs.

Authorities did not immediately know if the dogs had a history of aggressiveness or what exactly transpired. There was no word on whether the owners were at home during the attack. Certainly, this is a tragic event. Postal workers and delivery drivers have long been harassed by aggressive animals. This tragedy is a reminder for owners to restrain their animals so that they do not bite people.

Lawsuit for Compensation

When a person dies, their surviving family members might sue for wrongful death. Under Missouri law, a dog attack would qualify if the victim was on the property lawfully and did not provoke the animal.

A delivery driver has the right to make a delivery to a person’s front door or to any location where instructed. This means the driver was likely on the property legally.

Although we don’t know if the driver provoked the dogs, it certainly is unlikely. After all, the delivery driver was working at the time. There would be no reason to provoke dogs if your desire was to deliver a package. We hope that investigators can find out more about what happened. Perhaps a neighbor saw the attack, or the owners were at home and can clarify the sequence of events leading up to the tragedy.

What to Do Following a Dog Bite

If possible, you should quickly get medical care, which might mean calling an ambulance to come pick you up if your wounds are serious.

Someone with a moderate or minor dog bite might wash their wounds with warm water and soap. However, you should still go to the hospital to have a doctor inspect your wounds. Many dog bites result in serious infections, and prompt medical treatment can prevent an infection from worsening.

You should also try to document the accident. This might mean having a friend or family member track down the dog’s owner or take pictures with a phone of the accident scene. Locating the owner can help later when bringing a legal claim.

You should also call the sheriff or animal control. They will need to track down the animal to check if it has rabies.

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