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Who is Responsible for Electrocution Injuries?

Electrocution is a serious accident with some surprising complications. A major challenge after being electrocuted is determining whether you suffered an injury. Most tissue damage will be internal and, as a result, invisible. A doctor might also need to order tests to determine whether you have suffered organ damage, internal burns, or another injury. Our Jefferson City personal injury attorneys can help analyze whether you have a legal claim for compensation. Contact us to find out more.

Electrocution Complications

The most serious complication is death, and in fact a few hundred people die each year from electrocution accidents. Aside from death, however, some serious complications include:

  • Burns
  • Seizures
  • Nerve damage
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Respiratory arrest
  • Brain injury

Although burns on the hands or feet might be visible, internal burns are not. Tell your doctor of any symptoms you feel, such as tingling in your limbs, lightheadedness, or an irregular heartbeat. These are all signs of serious injuries. Your doctor can order tests to uncover the full extent of your electrocution injury.

Some victims will also develop post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD is a very serious condition. Victims can struggle for years afterwards and might need medication and therapy.

Identifying Fault for Your Accident

Electrocution accidents can happen anywhere. Some people are electrocuted in their homes, while others are staying at hotels or dorm rooms in a college or university. Still other people are electrocuted on the job, such as at a construction site.

To determine fault, we must analyze what caused your electrocution. Most people are electrocuted by:

  • Faulty appliances or devices
  • Electricity outlets
  • Power cables or cords
  • Electrical power lines

For example, you might have been using an iron or hair dryer which suddenly electrocutes you, or you plugged in a device to an outlet and received a shock. Other people are hurt when the ladder they are using outside suddenly slides out of position and contacts a power line overhead. Someone on a ladder can also fall and suffer additional injuries when they impact the ground.

Suing for Compensation

Our clients usually bring a negligence or product liability claim to receive compensation:

Product liability claims are appropriate when a defective product leads to your electrocution. A classic example is a kitchen appliance that blows up due to a faulty design or poor construction. Dozens of people can be injured before the manufacturer decides to issue a recall, and they are legally liable for selling a dangerous product.

Negligence claims are most appropriate when someone’s careless behavior causes you injury. As an example, a negligent electrician could have done poor wiring, leading to an electrocution. Or your employer could have set up scaffolding or a ladder improperly, which results in contact with a wire overhead.

We Can Help with a Legal Claim

Electrocution injuries can cause lasting injuries, so performing your own investigation is difficult. Let us help. Call & Gentry Law Group, LLC, has represented many accident victims in personal injury claims. We are happy to provide an overview of the process in a free consultation.