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Distracted Driving: #Eclipse2017

#Eclipse2017 and the Dangers of Distracted Drivers on Mid-Missouri Roads

Mid-Missouri is abuzz as the celestial event of the century rapidly approaches. August 19-21 is sure to be a great weekend as the Capital City braces for the #CapitalEclipse. Websites including Capital EclipseVisit Jefferson City, and Great American Eclipse have all the information you need to plan your once in a lifetime viewing event. Social media accounts such as @Eclipse2017@AmericanEclipse, and @TheSolarEclipse2017Info are set to publish unbelievable photos and facts to help enhance your Capital Eclipse experience.

The basic safety tip from astronomy experts is clear: Don’t look directly at the sun without protective eyewear. Be sure and purchase your “Eclipse Shades” before venturing out to the festivities, and make sure the eyeglasses you use meet the ISO standards (ISO 12312-2) and are certified for direct solar viewing. However, optical protection from harmful rays is unlikely to be the only danger plaguing Mid-Missouri. Organizers and event planners are expecting an influx of 50,000 visitors to the Capital City for #Eclipse2017. With Jefferson City’s population set to more than double over the weekend, officials are altering routes and increasing enforcement to help combat excessive traffic and congestion on local roadways. More people means more cars, and with everyone expected to be “looking up,” distracted driving is sure to be a problem.

In 2012, an estimated 421,000 people were injured in crashes involving a distracted driver in the United States, leaving 1 out of every 746 Americans hurt as a result of a completely senseless and unnecessary habit. So before you answer that text or respond to that email, simply ask yourself: Is it worth is? Not only does texting and driving result in collisions and injuries, in Missouri it is against the law for drivers 21 or younger to text and drive. Tickets and citations for such an offense often results in expensive fines and increased insurance rates, and convictions can stain an individual’s driving record for a significant period of time. Organizations such as Drop It And Drive and Stay Alive… Just Drive have done tremendous work increase awareness on the dangers of distracted driving and to promote public safety, but their efforts can only go so far.

Our team of Jefferson City personal injury attorneys at Call & Gentry Law Group wants you to have a fun and safe eclipse viewing experience. If you find yourself behind the wheel over the weekend, or any other time for that matter, put the phone away and remember that the next text isn’t worth causing harm to yourself, your family, or anyone else out on the road. Speeding toward your eclipse viewing destination or trying to view the event “on-the-go” aren’t worth the risk of life threatening injuries sustained from a car collision or motor vehicle accident. When you are distracted while driving, you are in effect allowing the car to drive itself. Pull over. Arrive Alive. It doesn’t matter if it’s the astrological event of a lifetime, or a short quick text message to a loved one: Distracted Driving is never worth it. If you’ve been hurt in a car wreck or injured in a collision, we’re here to help.